June 22nd 2013 By Rob Sullivan






ALPEIOS, a show ; OUTPOSTS 2013, a performance

July 8th 2013 By Greg Kalliche and organized by CAROUSEL



Monday July 8th from 8-10pm: ALPEIOS, a show & OUTPOSTS 2013, a performance,

both by Gregory Kalliche and organized by CAROUSEL.

ALPEIOS, an acronym for A Living Puddle Examining Its Own Shape, is a series of computer generated

images and digital videos that take form as spatial collages made of projections and prints.

OUTPOSTS 2013 is a performance or rather a tour of 3D modeled environments taking form as a 35mm

slideshow with an accompanying video projection. Organized by Carousel.

From the Terminator Wiki: The mimetic polyalloy, is a type of liquid metal compound that is

applied to advanced Terminator series. The mimetic polyalloy, as its name suggests, allows a Terminator

to change into any shape or form that it touches, provided that the object is of similar mass.

Gregory Kalliche is an artist living in New York working with various media.

CAROUSEL is an exhibition experiment. It is a venue on a turntable. It is a nomad.

It is an anachronism. Surpassing its time and usefulness, CAROUSEL is cheap, familiar, a

little stubborn, and begging for reinterpretation. Regular one-night-only ”openings” showcase

an artist and their use of a mechanical slide projector. CAROUSEL is organized by

artists Gabriela Salazar and Mary Choueiter.